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#1 cooling, energy savings, and ventilation system in Australia!

For Wholesalers

For Wholesalers: Distribution Opportunities

QC Manufacturing only works with the best wholesale distributors in the business. Then, these distributors work with licensed contractors and dealers to get QuietCool to consumers.

The Three Critical Questions Every Partner Asks

  • Is the QuietCool product excellent? Yes!
    • QuietCool products are the finest ventilation fans on the market today.
  • Will the QuietCool product sell well and produce solid margins? Yes!
    • QuietCool inventory turns at 100% 30 days average
    • QuietCool yields up to 23% – 41% gross margin per unit
    • Professional merchandising displays and marketing to help sell product
  • Is the manufacturer easy to do business with? Yes!
    • QC Manufacturing fulfills 95% of all P.O.s by requested ship date
    • Hassel-free returns and exchanges


After completing the application by clicking the Apply Now button, the process to become an Authorized Wholesaler is as follows:

Step One: Speak with a QuietCool Sales Account Executive

Once you complete our application, you will be contacted by a QuietCool Sales Account Executive. They will answer your initial questions, identify the potential of a partnership, and work with you to see if QuietCool would be a good opportunity for both parties.

Step Two: Introductory Meeting

If the first conversation with a QuietCool Sales Account Executive goes well, qualified candidates will be invited to join us at our headquarters or if not able to travel to our location, a Zoom call, for the first initial meeting. This meeting will provide you with an idea of our business model and allow you to learn more about our operation, manufacturing, marketing strategies, and more.

Step Three: Sign Agreement

We have a very simple Wholesaler Agreement that we will review with you. This agreement lays out the basic information on what it takes to be an Authorized Wholesale Partner with QuietCool.

Step Four: Training

Once the agreement is signed, you and your team will begin the QCU training program and begin preparation for offering QuietCool to your customers. We will need the key Territory Managers, Store Managers, and Counter Staff to complete QCU. Your QuietCool Sales Account Executive is your business coach throughout the entire process and will also offer in-person training and any additional training your team may need throughout and after the onboarding process.


Step Five: Product Launch

Once training is complete, you are ready to launch QuietCool to your customers! Your QuietCool Sales Account Executive will help you plan a product launch for your locations and will be there in-person on your launch days to help answer questions by your staff and have a manufacturer’s presence at your location for your customers.

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