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Is it cheaper to use a whole house fan than ac?

This is a image of comparison of QuietCool and AC systems,

A whole house fan is much more cost-effective to run than a traditional A/C system.

While an A/C system runs at 3000 watts or more for smaller homes and much higher for larger homes, a whole house fan runs at under 1000 watts for the largest models and most models at under 500 watts.

This means that a whole house fan costs just pennies in hours, versus an A/C system that runs for dollars an hour.

Think about it like a car. A whole house fan is the green alternative to A/C, just like how an electric car is the green alternative to gas guzzling vehicles.

There are a lot of savings from the initial investment as well. A whole house fan costs between $1500 and $3000 installed, while a new A/C system can cost upwards of $20,000! Combine this with the cost to run, and a whole house fan becomes a no-brainer compared to A/C.

This is an image of a whole house fan installed in the home and how it works