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QC Manufacturing is dedicated to the health and safety of all of our workers and visitors to our site. Just as we feel our product can and must be constantly enhanced, we believe we can always improve our work environment. We will always treat our staff with the same care that we do our fans, because we cannot produce a quality product without quality people.

QC Manufacturing has gone above and beyond the requirements of Cal/OSHA. We chose to participate in the Voluntary Participation Program as a corporation. This initiative boosted our monitoring and oversight. We were able to go through this program with the help of Cal/OSHA, achieving Golden Gate and now SHARP designation. This acknowledges us as a facility with an advanced safety program and a strong commitment to a safe culture.

We use in-house training, consultation services, and first-aid/CPR/AED certification to guarantee that our personnel is involved, educated, and capable of responding to any occurrences. To identify potential hazards, we conduct frequent and periodic inspections of our building and equipment. Employees at all levels are also educated and enabled to recognize any and all threats that may develop. At QC Manufacturing, we consistently promote a “SAFETY FIRST!” culture.

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