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Gable Mount 24/7 Solar Attic Fan with Inverter

Solar gable attic fans use sunshine to power the fan’s motor, which helps to avoid heat and moisture buildup in your attic. Because of the humidity and moisture build-up, your attic can reach temperatures of up to 15ºF, destroying the integrity of your home as well as completely destroying your roof. As a result, solar attic fans can help you save up to 30% on A/C expenditures while also extending the life of your roof structure and air conditioning.

  • Plug and play (no wiring)
  • AC/DC Inverter for 24/7 cooling
  • Poly crystalline Solar Panels


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Inverter Plug-in Cord:
20-foot cord that allows you to plug and play from anywhere in the attic.
Hand Guard:
Guard that protects from potential injury or fan obstruction.
AC/DC Inverter:
Allows your Solar Attic Fan to run on your electrical grid so your fan can operate 24/7 even after the sun goes down.
Computer Balanced Fan Blades:
High-performance fan blades that cut through the air in the most efficient and effective way possible.
Adjustable Mounting Tabs:
Tabs that make installation quick, easy, and flexible.
Solar Panel:
Polycrystalline solar panel that is up to 2-4 times the output of the industry standard.
Ultra-Energy Efficient DC Motor:
Industry-leading Brushless DC Motor that allows for a long lifespan with no maintenance.
Built-in Preset Thermostat:
A mechanical thermostat that determines when your fan turns on and off (72 ºF off 83 ºF on).
Tilt Adjustment Bracket:
Up to 60º vertical tilt for maximum sunlight exposure.
Solar Panel Plug-in Cord:
30-foot cord that allows you to place the solar panel in the optimal location.


An attic fan is a specialized type of fan used to vent hot, stale air from a home’s attic rather than bringing in cool, outside air like a whole house fan does. Saving money on your air conditioning cost is where you’ll notice the greatest impact from this fan. Attic fans can improve air conditioner efficiency, allowing you to reduce AC use without sacrificing comfort.


You can save as much as 30% on HVAC expenses by installing a QuietCool Solar Attic Fan, and you’ll save even more on repairs and maintenance to your attic, home, and HVAC system that might otherwise cost you money.


Each QuietCool Solar Attic Fan comes with an AC/DC Inverter that lets the fan switch from solar power to electric power when the sun goes down. Because of this new way of cooling at night, our fans can do something that other attic fans can’t: keep your attic and home cool all the time.


Installing QuietCool solar attic fans is easy for both experienced do-it-yourselfers and licensed contractors. Every system comes with very detailed, full-color written instructions that walk you through the process of setting it up step by step.

Solar Fan FAQ

What are some of the advantages of attic venting?

Attic ventilation is important for keeping a healthy and energy-efficient house. It increases the lifespan of your roofing shingles and underlayment by reducing moisture buildup, which may lead to rot and mold. In the summer, attic venting may lower the strain on your air conditioner, saving you money. It avoids harmful ice damming in colder climates). Learn more about the advantages of attic ventilation.

Why do I need an extra attic fan if my attic already has passive venting?

All houses must have a passive attic vent system, according to building rules. The difficulty with passive venting is that it seldom delivers the pressure required to move hot, damp air out of your attic. The pressure required to force out the hot air and increase air circulation is provided by installing a motorized attic fan.

Can a solar attic fan be installed on a shed or garage?
Yes, the QuietCool Solar Attic Fan may be put on any roofed building, including sheds, barns, lofts, garages, workshops, guest houses, and any other area that might benefit from air circulation. QuietCool also has garage-specific items available.
What is the procedure for obtaining a tax credit?
The solar attic fan must have been installed on a residential property between June 1, 2009 and December 31, 2022 to qualify for a solar tax credit. Download IRS form 5695 and the instruction document to claim a home tax credit. If you’re thinking about submitting for a tax credit, QuietCool suggests talking with a tax expert.
Can solar attic fans resist harsh weather conditions?
Yes, the QuietCool Solar Attic Fan’s sturdy structure can endure the most severe weather situations, including hurricanes and tornadoes. A high-impact solar panel and a commercial-grade heavy-duty steel casing are used in the device.
What kind of upkeep is required?
QuietCool Solar Attic Fans don’t need to be serviced! When fitted correctly, the fan is designed to be leak-proof. It also includes an animal-proof screen to keep the pests out.
Can I install a solar attic fan on a shady roof?

Yes, QuietCool offers a 24/7 ac/dc inverter for our solar attic fan that allows you to install the fan assembly on a shady portion of the roof.

What is the venting capacity of a QuietCool Solar Attic Fan?
QuietCool offers one of the largest size panels in the industry that will fit almost every attic size to meet the attic ventilation requirements of any building. The quantity of attic ventilation required depends on a number of things. Visit our solar attic fan product page for a basic approach to evaluating the amount and size of solar panels required for different roof slopes. The average performance of our solar panel is shown below. Your QuietCool dealer can help you figure out how many units you’ll need for your house. 

Up to 1,900 square feet with a 40 watt light source (up to 791 cfms)

Are solar attic fans energy efficient?

Yes, Solar Attic Fans are so energy efficient that they qualify for a 26 percent Federal Tax Credit when installed in residential dwellings. The device is fueled by the sun and runs for free all day, so there are no operational expenditures. In the summer, attic venting may also lower the strain on your air conditioner, saving you money on your energy bills.

Can a solar attic fan be placed on any kind of roof?

QuietCool Solar Attic Fans may be put on almost any roof, whether it’s a home or a business. Roof mounted models are available for both pitched and flat roofs. On all roof slopes, the solar panel may be oriented to capture the maximum sunlight while offering ideal venting efficiency. A curb placed device as well as a gable positioned unit are offered. All roofing materials, including composite shingles, wood shake, tile, and clay tile, are compatible with our models. An extra flashing skirt is required for certain tile roof constructions.

Can your solar panel rotate horizontally?

The QuietCool solar roof mount fans can rotate at 180 degrees horizontally

Can your solar panel tilt vertically?

Yes, It can be tilted up to 60 degrees

Can you adjust the temperature?

No, you cannot adjust the thermostat as it comes pre-programmed.

Can I add a controller on this?

Unfortunately, no you cannot add our Smart Hub or other third party controllers on solar products as the solar/thermostat controller is preprogrammed.

What is the maximum pitch that this fan can be used on?

The maximum pitch that unit can be installed on is 6/12’s.

Are your AFR-SLR Daytona,FL approved or Hurricane approved? If so, what's your code?

No, we are not certified but we have tested our fans in house to make sure it can withstand hurricanes and highwinds.

What is the Warranty?

15 Years

How often should I clean the solar panel?

Solar Experts recommend that you clean your panels every 6 months to ensure that your panels put out the maximum amount of power and to ensure no debris / dust is accumulating on the panels.

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