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#1 cooling, energy savings, and ventilation system in Australia!


The Solar Roof Mount Attic Fan from QuietCool is the smartest attic fan on the market right now. This fan keeps your home cool and safe during the day by using solar power. Even better, the AC/DC inverter that comes with the fan lets it keep running at night or when the sun isn’t out. This fan keeps you cool all year by using a large solar panel, an AC/DC Inverter, a weatherproof design, and cutting-edge technology.

Our solar roof-mounted attic fan is not only powered by solar panels, but also has an extremely energy-efficient DC motor that keeps the fan running all the time to keep your attic safe. This motor is the best in its field and doesn’t need to be maintained for a long time. This means that you can keep your attic cool every day for a small fraction of the price of other attic fans.

  • Plug and play (no wiring)
  • AC/DC Inverter for 24/7 cooling
  • Poly crystalline Solar Panels


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Built-in Preset Thermostat:
A mechanical thermostat that determines when your fan turns on and off (72 ºF off 83 ºF on).
AC/DC Inverter:
Allows your Solar Attic Fan to run on your electrical grid so your fan can operate 24/7 even after the sun goes down.
Computer Balanced Fan Blades:
High-performance fan blades that cut through the air in the most efficient and effective way possible.
Tilt/Rotation Adjustment Bracket:
Up to 60º vertical tilt and 180º horizontal rotation for maximum sunlight exposure.
Solar Panel:
Polycrystalline solar panel that is up to 2-4 times the output of the industry standard.
Bug Screen:
A screen that keeps out bugs, animals, and unwanted debris, from getting into the home.
Roof Mount Housing/Cover:
Powder-coated Steel Housing/cover that protects the fan from any outdoor elements.
Flashing that prevents water from entering the attic space.
Vortex Air Funnel:
Aerodynamic funnel that distributes large quantities of air evenly throughout the Roof Mount Housing resulting in higher airflow and efficiency.
 Inverter Plug-in Cord:
20-foot cord that allows you to plug and play from anywhere in the attic.
Ultra-Energy Efficient DC Motor:
Industry-leading Brushless DC Motor that allows for a long lifespan with no maintenance.


Curb Adapter

You can mount a QuietCool AFR SLR-40 Roof Mount Solar Attic Fan to a curb with the QuietCool SLR-CRB-2424 Black curb adapter. This is the part you need if you want to mount your QuietCool Solar Roof Mount Attic Fan with a curb.

  • Allows curb mount installation for QuietCool Solar Roof Mount Fans
  • Compatible with AFR SLR-30 and AFR SLR-40
  • Aluminum construction
  • Black, weather-resistant coating


A whole house fan, for example, brings in fresh air from the inside of the house. An attic fan, on the other hand, is made to remove hot, stale air from the attic of a house. This fan will mostly help you save money on your cooling bill. Since attic fans get rid of the home’s hottest air, your air conditioner will work better and you may be able to run it less while still keeping your home cool.


With a QuietCool Solar Attic Fan, you can save up to 30% on A/C costs and even more on preventative care that keeps your attic, home, and A/C from sustaining expensive damage.


Each QuietCool Solar Attic Fan comes with an AC/DC Inverter that lets the fan switch from solar power to electric power when the sun goes down. Because of this new way of cooling at night, our fans can do something that other attic fans can’t: keep your attic and home cool 24/7.


Both experienced DIYers and professional electricians will have no difficulty installing their QuietCool solar attic fans. Every system has comprehensive, full-color, written instructions that explain how to set it up.

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