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General FAQs: Wi-Fi Smart Control

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  1. How do I connect my phone to my fan?
    To connect your fan to your phone all you’ll need is the Wi-Fi Smart Control Hub (IT-36001) and a smart device with the QuietCool App.
  2. What QuietCool models are compatible with the Wi-Fi hub?
    The QuietCool Wi-Fi Smart Control is backwards compatible with all QuietCool whole house fans and attic fans.
  3. I only have a 5 ghz network at my house, can I use the Wi-Fi hub?
    No, the Wi-Fi Smart Control is not compatible with 5 ghz networks, however, most 5 ghz networks have a 2.4 ghz network as well.
  4. Can I have both hard-wired controls and the Wi-Fi hub?
    No, we do not recommend this.
  5. Can I hook up the Wi-Fi hub to my smart automation system?
    As of right now, the QuietCool Wi-Fi Smart Control isn’t compatible with home automation. We don’t recommend connecting a QuietCool to a home automation system in any form as there is the need for a person to open up a window for the fan to work.
  6. Can I hook up the Wi-Fi hub to a Wi-Fi Range Extender.?
    We do not support Wi-Fi Range Extenders. All hubs need to be connected to the main router’s 2.4 ghz network.
  7. Can I hook up two motorheads to a single hub (ex: CL-6400, ES-6400, TRI PRO-6.5, or STL PRO-6.5)?
    Yes you can, however it is not recommended because you will only have two speeds vs. four speeds. You also run a greater risk of burning out the hub if the wiring is done incorrectly.
  8. I have had my router for a while, will it still be compatible?
    Some routers older than 5 years do not communicate with our Wi-Fi hubs. Please check the minimum requirements below to make sure your network is compatible.
  9. What is the warranty period?
    The hub is warrantied for 1 year.