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How To Install: PollenTec Screen

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1: Remove the screen frame from the window and place the screen on a smooth flat surface such as a table or workbench.

2: Lay the new PollenTec screen over the frame and make sure it is sized correctly for your window leaving approximately 1 inch on each side.

3: Remove the old screen by gently prying up the end of the retainer spline that holds the screen material in. The retainer spline should be replaced if it has become too brittle of if the screen has a metal spline that is bent. Also be sure to wipe the frame and groove to clear out any dirt and debris.

4: Lay the new PollenTec screen over the frame. Starting in one corner, gently press the spline into the frame channel. Pull the spline tight and press it into place with the round convex screen spline roller tool. The screen should pull tight as the spline is pressed into the channel.

5: Next use the concave end of the screen spline roller tool to roll spline into the groove over the screen material to secure the spline into the channel. Trim the spline to length if needed.

Note: Only roll the spline in one direction. Be sure to not slip while rolling the spline as you may damage the PollenTec screen. As well, be sure to not pull the screen too tight onto the frame.

6: There may be extra screen on each side. Trim this with a razor knife or sharp scissors.


1: Remove the screen from the window.

2: Using low pressure water, spray the interior side of the screen to wash away any debris that may be caught in the screen.

3: Allow the screen to dry before reinstalling.