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How To Perform A Firmware Update

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A firmware update may come out from time-to-time to fix any bugs or enable enhancements within the QuietCool app.

The process to update the firmware of the Wi-Fi hub is very simple.

Step 1: Open the QuietCool app and tap on the fan you’d like to update.

Step 2: Tap the Settings icon in the upper-right corner. There may be a blue exclamation point letting you know there is a firmware update available.

Step 3: Tap the About option.

Step 4: If you do not have the most current firmware version (1.3.16) tap Firmware Update.

Step 5: You will be prompted to install the update. Tap Install.

The fan controller will restart. You may need to follow the prompts to ensure connection with the fan controller during the update.

Once the update is complete you can verify the firmware version in the About page.

After the update is complete you may need to go back into your Wi-Fi settings to reconnect to the hub.