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How To Split Wi-Fi Networks For Wi-Fi Smart Control

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If you are having issues getting your Wi-Fi Smart Control moved over to your Wi-Fi network, you may have a dual or triband router that is combining the 2.4GHz network with the 5GHz network.

The Wi-Fi Smart Control only works with dedicated 2.4 ghz networks.

To solve this issue, you will need to head into your router settings and split the network into two. This is fairly easy to do.

Before starting, make sure you have the router login information and your Wi-Fi password.

For exact instructions on how to do this for your router model, please refer to the User Manual included with your router. For this example we will be using an Linksys E2500.

  1.  Head to your computer and login to the router. Open up your web browser and type This is the most common router address. If this doesn’t work, you can also try or refer to the user manual included with your router.
  2. Using the router supplied login information, login to your router.
  3. Next we will go into the Wireless Settings.
  4. Select Manual Mode.
  5. On the 5GHZ Network settings, name it so it is distinguishable from the 2.4GHZ network.
  6. Do the same for the 2.4GHZ Network settings.
  7. Make sure Network Mode is set to Mixed and Channel Width is set to Auto for both networks.
  8. Click Save Settings.
  9. Your router will now restart. Once the router is back on, you will have two networks, a 2.4GHz network and a 5GHz network.