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The 5 Best Ways to Save Money on Your A/C Bill This Summer Ranked!

  1. Install a whole house fan

Arguably the most effective way to keep your home cool and your A/C bill low is a whole house fan. These systems were designed to be used at night during the cooler portion of the day. They not only replace the indoor air in just 2-3 minutes but they actually sweep cool air up into the attic and cool the thermal mass of your home. So, even though you can only run yours at night or in the morning, your home will stay cooler much longer than other A/C alternatives. With a QuietCool Whole House Fan, you also get an Ultra-Energy Efficient motor to cut A/C costs by up to 50-90% while hearing very little because of their patented ducting.

If you are looking for a way to cut your A/C costs this year, there is no better solution than a whole house fan!

  1. Cover Windows

A cost-effective and simple alternative is to ensure all the windows in your home are covered. Heat transfers most easily through glass windows. Covering these heat beams means your home will heat up far slower than it typically would. Unfortunately heat will still sneak into your home through cracks, your walls, and whatever material you are using to cover your windows. This may be the cheapest way to keep your home cool but it also is the least effective.  

  1. Install a ceiling fan

The other cooling option is to install ceiling fans in your home. A steady flow of air is known to offer a 5-10 ºF cooling effect on your skin. A breeze gives you the illusion of coolness which could just be enough to last you throughout the night. Unfortunately, it does not work to change the actual temperature in your home and most ceiling fans have a high price tag for the minimal benefits they offer.

  1. Install an indoor A/C

Another more costly A/C savings tool is an indoor A/C. These are especially useful if you typically stay in just one room. Usually these machines have a vent that connects to an outdoor window to exhaust hot air out of while they pump cool air into your room. These are not good for mass home cooling as they do not push enough CFM but they are ideal for single bedrooms or offices that you will be in all day to avoid the heat. 

  1. Run your A/C only during the day

Oftentimes during the dead of summer, many homes across the country run their A/C all day long. This process of constantly cooling ensures a crisp home but it also guarantees a ridiculously high A/C bill. This bill can be drastically reduced if you simply adjust how often you run your A/C. Running only during the middle of the day means saving up to 50% on your A/C related costs. 

It does have drawbacks, however, an A/C does not cool the thermal mass of your home or the attic. This means that your home is constantly being reheated by the attic which can reach up to 150 ºF and the mass objects around your home.

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